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Think of the number of people that visit or stay at your property. Housekeepers, nannies/babysitters, and groundskeepers often have complete autonomy when working in and around your home, and people who answer a “roommate wanted” ad are often given just as little consideration. Wouldn’t you want to know if any of these people had a criminal record? 

In this article, we discuss why you should always run background checks on the people you trust around your home and family. While many people are honest, dependable, and trustworthy, there will always be those who have a shady past. Before giving someone access to your home, be sure to have a private investigator run a thorough Tampa background check on them. 

People Trust a Uniform 

How much time are groundskeepers, pool guys, and other contractors spending around your home? If you have a day job, these workers are likely around your home during the day more often than you are. Any watchful neighbors would just assume that they were doing their job, so what’s to stop one of them from gaining access to your home while you’re not there? 

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More concerning are nannies, caregivers, and housekeepers who have unfettered access to the home. Not only do they have access to fine jewelry, financial documents, and other valuables, but they are also trusted with caring for our loved ones, especially toddlers and the elderly. We’re not saying that these people can’t be trusted; we’re saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry, which is why it is in your best interest to consult a private investigator who performs background checks in Tampa just to be sure. 

New Tenants

Renting a room or your entire home to a tenant is a practical way to save money, but it is crucial that you know the backgrounds of those you entrust a key to. You never know what information you may uncover: rocky payment history, unpaid bills in collection, or bankruptcy. Alternatively, you might discover that they are a registered sex offender or have an extensive criminal record. 

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Remember, this is a person that will often be alone in your home and you won’t be able to simply kick them out if things go wrong. They could damage property or even pose a threat to you and your family. The only way to gain peace of mind is to have a private investigator from Darwin Securities, LLC, run a Tampa background check.  

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