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Private Investigators Tampa FL

Qualified, Professional, and Experienced Private Investigators in Tampa FL

Private Investigation Services

Our agency provides a wide range of private investigation services. We conduct locates, background checks, and apply stationary or moving surveillance. During the investigation we will document and gather solid evidence. Once the assignment is completed, we’ll send a comprehensive report plus video outlining the findings of the investigation in detail. Our investigators can then testify as expert witnesses to help you win your case. All our investigators have a minimum two years’ experience. For each case there will be a case manager, administrator and field investigators. We also have an operation center as support for daily investigations including tech support. Cases we handle include:

Insurance Fraud Private Investigations

Insurance fraud is the most common form of fraud in the United States costing businesses and individuals an estimated $40 billion a year. Unfortunately, it is difficult for insurance companies to defend against these claims due to the inability to provide sufficient evidence. Fortunately, as Tampa private investigators, we use a series of proven investigation techniques that allow us to gather the evidence necessary to disprove fraudulent claims.


Background Checks

At Darwin Securities, our private investigators perform thorough background checks that provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you need a background check performed on a potential employee, prospective tenant, or a soon-to-be nanny, with over 10 years of experience, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and capabilities to uncover the most accurate and current information.


Spousal Infidelity Private Investigations

Are you concerned about your spouse’s loyalty and commitment to your relationship, and need a private investigator in Tampa, FL to uncover the truth? Our team of private investigators are here to help. We use a series of techniques that include moving and stationary surveillance, the gathering of hard evidence, and other forms of specialized tracking techniques to help prove or disprove your claims of infidelity.


Child Custody Private Investigations

Are you going through a divorce and looking for a group of professional private investigators in Tampa, FL to ensure custody of your child? At Darwin Securities, we know this can be a sensitive time, especially if the custody and safety of your children are at stake. Our team of expert private investigators are here to ensure the safety of your children and gain the information you need going into court proceedings. If you suspect your child is at risk, don’t wait to prove your claims, contact one of our Tampa FL private investigators today.


Private Surveillance

When your intuition is telling you something is wrong, it is usually right, and there is nothing worse than knowing that you have a valid claim but no substantial proof to back it up. When the determination of a case is strongly influenced by the facts that are presented, it is essential to have evidence that will stand up in court. Documented evidence from a Tampa private investigator can be a determining factor in winning or losing your case.



In order to act on a fraudulent claim, recover money from a defaulted account, or even reunite with a long-lost friend, you must have reliable information about the person’s whereabouts. Uncovering this information is not always an easy task, especially if an individual has purposely made themselves difficult to locate. Our private investigator in Tampa specializes in skiptracing and use a combination of technology and investigative techniques to find accurate location information for our clients.




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