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Private Investigation

At Darwin Securities, we believe the right training in combination with the right technology equals success in any operation.

Private Surveillance

Don’t leave your personal interest to hearsay or opinions. Count on the reliable private surveillance tactics of the Darwin Securities team.

Executive Protection

Have confidence in knowing that you are protected by a tailored security plan strategically developed to meet your specific needs.

Tampa Private Investigators

At Darwin Securities, a private investigation company headquartered in Tampa, FL, we have over 10 years of combined experience providing our clients with professional private investigations. Our highly trained staff of former military and law enforcement officers are available 365 days a year to provide the best Tampa private investigator services.

We provide the best customer service and investigations. Our agency chooses qualified detectives to meet your needs every step of the way. Darwin Securities believes the right training and technology equals success in any operation.

We provide private investigation from insurance fraud to domestic matters such as child custody and cheating spouses to various background checks and skiptraces.

Our commercial Executive Protection agents have the right credentials and experience to ensure continuity of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our investigative services.

Tampa Surveillance Investigator

A Tampa surveillance investigator can serve you in a variety of ways. If you are an attorney who needs evidence for a trial, our team uses state of the art technology, a bevy of field experience, and extensive evidence gathering techniques to gather the most pertinent information for your case. For individuals, we work tirelessly to arm them with all the information necessary to support or refute a claim. To learn more about private surveillance in Tampa and get a member of our team to work for you, contact us today.

Tampa Private Investigator for Child Custody Cases

Nothing is more important than the safety of our children. If you are going into a divorce proceeding, talk to a Tampa private investigator for child custody cases with Darwin Securities. Our knowledge an expertise can be a critical part of obtaining a positive outcome for your family. When going into a custody battle, preparation is key. Our investagative team can provide a wealth of information through background checks, surveillance, and other evidence gathering techniques. In short, we work to put you in the best position possible to win your case. Talk to us today about your case.

The Darwin Securities Way

From the beginning of the consultation, the staff at Darwin Securities will provide you with a comprehensive plan to meet your needs. Our Tampa private investigator team will provide a thorough report, to prove with certainty your claims of insurance fraud, domestic issues, or infidelity, depending on your unique situation. At the close of any investigation with a Tampa private investigator from Darwin Securities, you will be provided with a full assessment of our findings.

We hope to be the first name you think of when you are looking for a private investigator in Tampa for background checks, surveillance, and a variety of services that may be important to your case. We follow through with our operations step-by step to guarantee client satisfaction and stay true to our mission of providing the best service, while maintaining complete legal and ethical values.

Darwin Securities, LLC is a member of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators. 



To schedule a consultation with one of our private investigators, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!