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Business executives, celebrities, and government officials are always on the move. Their lives frequently take them to far-off destinations, destinations that may not be as safe as they would like. When high-profile people travel internationally, it’s in their best interest to travel with an escort that can scout ahead and ensure that any and all potential threats are dealt with.  

Below, we discuss how executive protection services in Tampa can protect you when traveling abroad. Before boarding your plane, be sure to consult executive protection specialists in your area. It may just save your life. 

Be Aware of Genuine Dangers 

The unfortunate reality is that, you are 12 times more likely to be the target of security incidents if you are an executive. High-profile individuals like CEOs are privy to confidential information and have access to wealth that makes them a prime target for competitors, national governments, and criminals. Espionage, kidnapping, and threats of violence are genuine dangers that these individuals must be ever mindful of when traveling abroad. 

Before traveling outside the country, we recommend paying close attention to travel advisories that can alert you to potential security incidents that reside in your intended destination. Of course, executive protection services in Tampa can take care of these precautions for you in addition to alerting the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate of your trip. 

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Always Remain Vigilant 

Most importantly, you must remain vigilant when abroad and practice good situational awareness — a challenge for many travelers, but especially important for those with high-profiles. You may be asked by your company to travel at a moment’s notice, in which case you may find yourself exhausted after spending hours on a plane and unable to pay close attention to your surroundings. To ensure the safety of you and your family when traveling abroad, we recommend obtaining executive protection in Tampa

Make Safety a Priority 

No protection service can function without first assessing any threats you may encounter at your final destination. A first-rate executive protection service will send qualified agents ahead to scout locations, meet points of contact, perform a security sweep of your hotel room, and identify hospitals and exit routes in the event of an emergency. 

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Once threat assessment is complete, we create standard operating procedures and choose qualified agents to accompany you on your journey. At Darwin Securities, LLC, all of our agents are former military personnel, police officers, or graduates of executive protection programs. Agents assigned to you will provide round-the-clock protection and ensure that no harm comes to you or your family. If you are planning to travel internationally and want to make safety a priority, schedule a consultation with Darwin Securities, LLC, for executive protection services in Tampa

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