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Executive Protection

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Executive Protection

The mission of an executive protection specialist (also known as a bodyguard) is to prevent abduction, intentional, and unintentional harm, as well as to safeguard the client’s reputation. We at Darwin Securities, believe that personal protection starts with assessing threats and vulnerabilities, then making recommendations on manpower and equipment. From there, we create standard operating procedures and choose qualified agents for the assignment.

The Advantages of Bodyguard Services

The advantage of receiving executive protection in Tampa from Darwin Securities is that we can provide a safe and secure environment for individuals, so that they are happy, productive and able to carry out their daily schedules more efficiently. We understand that high net worth families, CEO’s, and celebrities can be exposed to various threats. Having our team provide security will give them peace of mind as well as prevent, deter and handle any threats that may occur.

Why Choose an Executive Protection Team in Tampa

All of our agents are former military personnel, police officers, or graduates of executive protection programs. Each one is licensed to work in their respective states. We hold our agents to the highest degree of professionalism. Agents assigned to a principal or protectee are trained in advance planning, cultural etiquette and corporate conduct. They are also trained in CPR and special weapons tactics and equipment, as well as, unarmed compliance techniques, surveillance detection, counter surveillance operations, protective intelligence & operations and security driving.

Reasons to Hire a Bodyguard in Tampa

There are many reasons to hire a bodyguard from Darwin Securities, including when employment terminations have occurred, during labor dispute, or for special events. We also protect high net worth individuals celebrities and sports figures. Additionally, we protect CEO’s and top corporate management when traveling to high risk areas.


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