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One of the tasks a private investigator in Tampa can conduct for a company is to complete a background check on any potential employees they want to hire. During the background check, the investigator can do anything from inquiring about the potential hire with any of the references listed on their resume to checking any criminal records. Background checks are especially crucial for future employees that will be working on your company’s financial or public transactions.

How Are Background Checks Beneficial?

By having a Tampa private investigator on retainer, a company can dismiss all applicants with troubled histories from its list of candidates. Any applicant with misleading or false background information can be immediately disregarded. Background checks can also help to decrease employee turnover. If the wrong kind of candidates are being hired, it can take a toll on the feedback you receive from your customers, and in turn cause you to fire employees more frequently.

What Do Investigators Look At When Conducting Background Checks?

There are a few things private investigators in Tampa, FL will look into when performing a background check on potential hires. We’ve listed a few of the more common checks below.

1. DMV Records

If the job requires any driving, your investigator can look into a potential hire’s DMV records. As your Tampa private investigator company, we know that unpaid traffic violations or tickets can be a warning sign, especially if the job requires driving.

2. Former Employer Interviews

If you have a private investigator who calls a potential hire’s former boss, they might be able to learn more about that individual that wasn’t listed on the resume. A former boss can give their insights on that individual’s work ethic, the reasons why they were fired or quit, or if they had any troubling problems.

3. Criminal Record Checks

Your Tampa private investigator can also conduct criminal records investigations. This will help a company to discover if an individual has a criminal background. Criminal investigations can be especially vital if the potential employee will be working with patients, children, customers, or the public.

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