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If you need personal background information verified, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to hire a private investigator to conduct an investigation?” If you want accurate information, the answer to your question is yes. To get a thorough look at a person’s past work, criminal, or financial history, hiring an experienced and licensed Tampa private investigator is imperative to not only gaining intelligence, but doing so by legal means.

To gain a better understanding of the types of information that can be verified, our Tampa private investigators have organized a list of 6 common types of information that can be verified in an investigation.


1. Personal Information

Personal information relates to a number of different identifiers, such as name, date of birth, or country of citizenship. If an individual supplies inaccurate personal information, this may be an indication that they are trying to cover up details about their life, such as a past criminal record, bankruptcy, lawsuit, or any other personal detail that may affect your view of their credibility.


2. Previous Residences

For a Tampa private investigator to gain a reliable look into past criminal activity and even civil court history, previous and current addresses must be verified to gain access to this information through the jurisdiction in which the party resides or resided. The laws vary from county to county and from state to state on what types of legal information can be publicly accessed without consent, so it is important to have an investigator experienced in dealing with local, state, and federal policies.


3. Court History

One of the most common reasons for a background investigation is to uncover past criminal activity and convictions, but uncovering information about civil proceedings may be equally important. Past lawsuits, business disputes, lien filings and more could also provide insight into character and trustworthiness of the individual.


4. Professional History

When hiring new employees or considering a business partnership, verifying the party’s work history, time lines, and even professional affiliations is crucial to protecting your business by ensuring they have the appropriate skill set for the position or partnership. Don’t run the risk of taking stated information at face value. Embellishment on an application can make an individual appear more qualified than than they truly are, and in the end, have a negative affect on your business.


5. Financial History

If you are planning on entering a partnership, financial information is important to gain a full understanding of the risks you are taking with your new professional relationship. The types of financial histories that are most commonly uncovered are past bankruptcies, tax records, or payment and loan defaults.


6. Educational History

Certain positions require that an individual have appropriate qualifications and licensing to perform their duties properly and to adhere to state and federal mandated guidelines, so verifying educational information is important not only for performance purposes, but to protect your business against legal action in the future. Educational history can refer to anything from professional licensing, degree completion, club affiliations, and more.

Don’t wait to uncover information about an individual whose qualifications and character may have an impact on your business or personal life.

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