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The traditional bodyguard is now a thing of the past. An overreliance on intimidation and brawn are antiquated conceptions that are useless against threats both online and offline. Below, we’ll discuss how the bodyguard role turned into an executive agent, a necessary shift given the evolving nature of threats. If you are in search of executive protection in Orlando, consult the security experts at Darwin Securities. 

Modern Threats 

High-profile celebrities are not the only target for threats of violence. Anyone with power can be in danger, including corporate executives, politicians, and the wealthy. This danger can extend to friends and family members and can include stalking, abduction, and assault. You and your loved ones need to be able to protect yourselves in a digital age where threats can be delivered not only in person but also by phone, email, and social media. 

A proactive approach must be taken to combat these growing threats. At Darwin Securities, we assist our clients by first making a threat assessment. From there, we create standard operating procedures and assign qualified executive agents. We then get to work creating a safe environment in which our client can go about their day in peace, free from having to worry about online or offline threats. 

The Bodyguard of Today

The bodyguard of today is capable, highly trained, and trustworthy above all else. They are discreet at all times and intimidating only when the situation calls for it. As opposed to a conspicuous bodyguard that can only react to danger, an executive agent can blend in with a crowd and de-escalate situations before they turn violent. These are the characteristics shared by all of our agents. 

In addition to being trained in CPR, special weapons tactics and equipment, and unarmed compliance techniques, our agents are trained in surveillance detection, counter-surveillance, protective intelligence, and security driving. Every Darwin Securities agent is a former member of the military, police officer, or graduate of an executive protection program.

Why You Should Choose Darwin Securities

As you can see, an executive agent is a far cry from the proverbial bouncers of the past. They are well-trained professionals who can protect you from threats both local and abroad. Whether you are traveling overseas or working out of your office or home, our agents are equipped to apply the appropriate measures to ensure that you are undisturbed by threats, be they genuine or harmless. If you are looking for an executive agent that is more than just hired muscle, contact Darwin Securities for executive protection services in Orlando

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