Surveillance is the skill of collecting intelligence covertly. It is an art that has been around for centuries. Military personnel, state-federal agencies, and private detectives use it. Criminals and terrorist organizations even use it. Because it is such an essential part of planning, this is a service you want to pay attention to. Suppose you are going through a civil or criminal case or providing proof to another party. The camera does not lie. Our detectives are fully licensed in their respective states and can testify as expert witnesses on your behalf. Our videos and detailed reports are professional, so you will know where it is taken and, without question, who is in the video. Use our surveillance team for child custody cases, suspected infidelity, and insurance fraud. It can also be used for private reasons. Our service is discreet, and we protect our client’s privacy.




Before the start of surveillance, we conduct our investigation using several database systems to locate and conduct a background investigation on the person of interest. We can also use skip-tracing methods to get the most current address. The databases can also be used to run background checks on individuals for employment and criminal history, as well as to run license plates and phone numbers.




During a separation or custody battle, it is essential for our services. A child’s safety is the number one priority. It is crucial to know what the opposing party is doing, who they associate with, and whether they have any destructive habits that can impact the child’s life.



What is your partner doing when not with you? How are they spending their time? Are they being honest with their activities? Our surveillance experts will find out and give you peace of mind.



According to statistics, 308.6 billion dollars are paid annually due to insurance scams. The result is higher premiums, and the cost of goods and services increases. Our agency provides a professional video and a detailed report and is appropriately licensed to testify as an expert witness on insurance fraud cases.



Surveillance is a tool that can be used for any reason. One example is any possible lawsuit where the opposing party is not truthful. Hiring our investigators will expose the truth.