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Skip tracing is a private investigation expertise that traces an individual that has skipped out, usually on a financial or legal obligation. There are plenty of reasons for needing to hire a Tampa private investigation company to locate someone, and we have listed a few of the more common cases:

  • You need to find someone to inform them about an inheritance
  • You need to trace a debtor who has defaulted on payments
  • You need to locate an up to date address for a family member who needs to be served (typically divorce or child support cases)
  • You have a client (defendant) in a court case who missed their hearing or skipped out on bail
  • You are attempting to locate a long lost friend or relative

How Does Skip Tracing Work?

Once the private investigation company in Tampa has a clear understanding of their goals from their client, they will get to work using different methods to acquire a location for the particular individual they are looking for. Some of the more common techniques a private investigators will employ are:

1. Researching All Known Records And Sources

When researching sources, your private investigator will use everything from credit reports and credit applications, phone number databases, utility bills and statements, air-travel records, and public records. Researching public records can include visiting the local courthouses, local United States Post Office, and  local libraries to obtain records, gain access to databases, and even confirming any current and past marital records.

2. Conducting Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance tactics are typically utilized to gain an understanding of the individual’s routine, collect information on their workplace and where they are living, as well as recurring locations they visit.

3. Background Investigations

Your private investigator will typically conduct family and friends interviews, and they might interview colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances as well. These interviews will help to give investigators not only a better understanding of the individual, but they can also learn what their habits are and what locations they tend to frequent. A Tampa private investigations company might also look into criminal records, if any, that the individual has, to see if that can give them any insight to their criminal habits.

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