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Why are some people more prone to cheating than others? It’s a question many men and women ask when they find themselves in an unfaithful relationship, especially when their significant other has a habitual track record of infidelity. If you’re one of these people, our Tampa private investigators can confidently say from our experience with cheating spouses that the root of your partner’s actions likely has nothing to do with you at all. Rather, it’s a combination of genetic and sociological traits that make some people more likely to cheat.

Here are the most common reasons cited for cheating according to our private investigators in Tampa:

Appeal Factor

Not to say that every attractive, successful, intelligent, good looking man or woman is going to cheat, but attractiveness does play a role in cheating behavior. More attractive individuals, whether it be from their physical looks or social status, will have more advances from the opposite sex than their less attractive, less successful counterparts. In turn, this temptation can lead to one or many physical transgressions from a committed individual.

Increased Opportunities

The more time your significant other spends away from home, the more likely they will be to cheat. So, if your spouse is always on the road for work, likes to spend a lot of time with their own social circle, or is always traveling, your relationship may be at a higher risk for infidelity. Time spent apart can not always be avoided, so it’s important to maintain a connection with your partner even when they are away.

Psychological Factors

Certain innate or learned psychological behaviors in men and women make them more likely to cheat than others. If your partner is constantly caught in lies and shows zero remorse, this points to a manipulative personality and a lack of integrity. It’s also a tell-tale sign you could be dealing with a cheater. A person who lacks empathy and remorse for wrongdoing or has a psychopathic personality is also more likely to cheat. If you are dealing with either of these behaviors keep a close eye, and know that manipulative and psychopathic people will likely go to extreme lengths to cover up their behavior.

Disregard for Commitment

There are many people who view relationships as a sacred connection between two people, but there are also many others who do not. People who are always distant and view relationship as a game will likely use your relationships as a form of control by pushing the boundaries of how much infidelity and negative behavior you will put up with.

Problems in Your Relationship

If you care about your relationship, but can sense a separation between you and your partner, try to get to the bottom of the problem early on. As Tampa private investigators, we hear time and time again from spouses who cite growing separation, fighting, and a lack of communication as fuel for infidelity. And while nothing makes cheating acceptable, it is important to identify problems in your relationship early on to avoid opening the door to temptation.

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