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What someone presents as the truth is often a well-crafted facade meant to deceive others in the pursuit of a goal. This is a common occurrence in high-stakes cases that involve child custody, infidelity, and insurance fraud. In these instances, a single piece of evidence can have a drastic impact on the proceedings. If you find yourself involved in one of the above types of cases, it’s imperative that you hire a surveillance investigator in Tampa to uncover the truth. Only then will you have the evidence to defend your interests and peel away the facade of your opponent.

Prove Insurance Fraud

An employer must be able to refute dubious workers’ compensation claims. A wheelchair-bound contractor may miraculously regain the ability to walk when working on a side job. You and your company shouldn’t have to foot the bill for someone’s insurance fraud. In order to contest a workers’ compensation claim, you must be able to present hard evidence of the worker’s deceit. A surveillance investigator can discover and present evidence of exaggerated and fabricated injuries. Hire a surveillance investigator and ensure that care is only going to the injured workers that are truly in need of it.

Corner a Cheating Spouse

Rather than remaining faithful, someone accused of cheating will often take greater care in the future to hide their unfaithfulness. There may soon be little to no signs that a spouse is seeing someone else. Such a person is sure to be cool and calculating in proving their loyalty, especially when defending themselves in court. The only sure way to prove that a spouse has been unfaithful is with private surveillance in Tampa. A surveillance investigator can use tracking techniques, gather evidence, and employ moving and stationary surveillance to find out who your spouse is spending their free time with. Being able to present hard evidence that your spouse is unfaithful may be the only way to hold on to your funds or child.

Win a Custody Battle

In a divorce, both parents naturally want what is in the best interest of their child. This can turn into a custody battle when one parent falsely believes that they can adequately provide for the needs of the child. Private surveillance in Tampa can not only prove if someone is an unfit parent but also, potentially, save a child that may be in danger. A surveillance investigator in Tampa can perform background checks, gather evidence of unfit living conditions, or discover the unlawful activity of a parent or guardian. When the wellbeing of your child is on the line, hire an experienced surveillance investigator at Darwin Securities to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to gain custody of your child.

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