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People hire executive protection agents to help keep their property, families, and themselves safe. For example, a corporation or CEO might feel the need to hire a Tampa private investigation company for additional protection after letting a disgruntled employee go. Another example is an individual who needs protection during a child abuse or domestic abuse investigation. With all of the recent terrorist attacks and mass shootings, another example might be government officials, companies, and churches that are looking for extra protection to keep everyone safe.

What is Involved in Executive Protection?

The first step that needs to be taken is determining that there is a potential threat, and reaching out to a private investigation company in Tampa. A private investigator will come out and conduct a threat assessment to determine the risks and level of protection needed. There might be some cases when a private investigator needs to be hired for twenty-four hour protection, or there might be times when the investigator is only needed for short periods of time, i.e., court appearances. Executive protection services range from personal and family protection, onsite security, secure transportation, corporate risk and vulnerability assessments, command post operations, emergency evacuation planning, high risk escorts, surveillance and counter-surveillance, and development of operation guidelines in case of security breach or emergency.

Benefits of Executive Protection

When a company, church, or individual hires a private investigator for executive protection, they are allowing their personal safety and the personal safety of those around them to be protected, without having to disrupt their daily life. Hiring an investigator for executive protection is a preventative measure. Even if the worse does happen, you or your company is prepared to handle it.

What to Look for In Executive Protection Professionals

When deciding to hire a private investigation company for executive protection, there are a few qualities one should look for. For those looking for security in a high-risk area away from home, they will want a private investigator to have military and weapons experience. Another example is someone who is looking for protection on their property or company systems. They should look for an agent that has experience working with computers. The most important quality to look for is finding an investigator or company that you feel comfortable with.

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