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The public can help play a key role in supporting the police with terrorism attacks by staying vigilant, being security minded, and having good security tactics in place. Companies can protect against attacks and make the work of terrorists more difficult. A small investment in security measures will significantly enhance the feeling of security on behalf of everyone and help protect those around you. We’ve listed a few tips below to keep in mind, as well as what to look out for when it comes to terrorism attacks.

Signs to be Aware of

As private investigators in Tampa, we know that certain activities, especially those at sensitive facilities including military, government, or high profile places people tend to congregate, may signal terrorist planning phases. Any suspicious activities, such as the ones listed below, should be reported to law enforcement immediately.


Surveillance can include any recording or monitoring of activities. This may consist of someone drawing diagrams, taking notes, using cameras or binoculars, or possessing floor plans or blueprints of the facilities.

Acquiring Supplies

This can be any attempts to improperly obtain items that could be used in a terrorist attack. This may including obtaining explosives, weapons, harmful chemicals, flight manuals, military or law enforcement equipment, uniforms, identification badges, or equipment to make false identification.


Elicitation is someone making attempts to acquire operation, security, and personnel-related information about a facility. These elicitation attempts can be made by mail, fax, email, telephone, or in person.

Tests of Security

Any attempts one might make to measure reaction times to security breaches or getting past security barriers or procedures to test strengths and weaknesses.

Any Suspicious Persons

A suspicious person is someone who does not appear to belong in a workplace, neighborhood, or business establishment. They stand out due to their behavior, which can include unusual questions or statements.

Trial Runs

A trial run will include a person behaving as if in preparation for a terrorist attack without actually committing an attack. This activity consists of mapping out routes or determining timing of nearby traffic lights and flow.

Deploying Assets

Placing people, equipment and supplies into position to commit the act. This is the last opportunity to alert authorities before the terrorist act occurs.

A Tampa private investigator is familiar with all of these warning signs, and can help teach others to be more aware.

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