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Nearly $80 billion in fraudulent claims are made each year to insurance companies, costing businesses and individuals an estimated $40 billion a year. If you are an insurance company or the owner of a business, these false claims could potentially cost your company thousands, or even millions of dollars over the course of a few years or even with one major falsified claim. A workers’ comp investigation can ensure that employees filing claims are entitled to the compensation they receive, and if they are proven to be falsified, your company will have the proof needed to take legal action. Employees or individuals attempting insurance fraud will go to extensive lengths to perpetuate their claims and conduct the fraud, so to counter these individuals it is vital to have verifiable proof from a Tampa private surveillance expert. The evidence gathered could mean the difference between continued successful operations of your business.

Private Surveillance from Darwin Securities

At Darwin Securities, our experienced Tampa private surveillance team has assisted with many insurance fraud cases. We have worked with insurance companies, self-insured companies, legal teams and more to minimize corporate liability and protect the valuable assets of owners and share holders. Our private surveillance in Tampa services provide photographic and video evidence, along with in-depth investigations consisting of oral statements from co-workers and company personnel, background checks, and research to assist in placing civil or criminal action against the employee or individual responsible for the fraudulent claims. We have a proven track record in helping companies recover assets through the reduction or removal of payouts by substantiating allegations of fraud in cases involving long-term disability, bodily injury claims, general liability claims, and more.

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