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When most people think of Tampa private investigation firms, they typically associate our roles with catching cheaters. While this may be one facet of the work that we do, conducting a private investigation in Tampa, FL can be beneficial for a number of other domestic issues, like during a divorce settlement. While we wish that all divorces could be settled amicably, this is not always the case, and a successful outcome requires evidence.

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I hire a private investigator during my divorce settlement?” here are some circumstances where evidence of wrongdoing or asset research could lead to a more positive ruling.

1. Ownership of property is unclear.

During marriage, the line between what’s hers and what’s his often becomes blurred, and the rightful owner of prized possessions may be difficult to identify. With investigative strategies and technology, as investigators, we can conduct research and gather evidence that proves you should be the owner of the property. Financial data and receipt records can be analyzed, along with any other documentation that may help the judge make a decision in your favor.

2. You believe your former partner is hiding assets.

During divorce settlements, there will be individuals who try to hide their assets. They will use everything from stocks and bonds to putting property in someone else’s name. This behavior is nothing short of fraud, but to prove that your former partner is, in fact, hiding assets, you will need solid evidence. Sometimes this can be extremely difficult to prove, and it will require prompt action to follow the money trail before it disappears into oblivion.

3. You believe your former partner was unfaithful.

If the root of your divorce is unfaithfulness and you believe this information will help you in court, telling the judge you caught your former spouse in the act is not going to be enough to work this information to your advantage. You will need proof, and that is where a private investigator will come into play.

4. You feel uncomfortable with your former partner having custody or unsupervised visitation with your children.

There is nothing more valuable than your children, and as a parent, it is your duty to protect them, even if that is from their other parent. During a divorce settlement determining child custody and visitation can be the most difficult. You may know of behavior that makes the other parent unfit to care for your children, but in public this may not come across so easily. It will require a Tampa private investigation to uncover police reports, proof of drug abuse, or other illegal behavior to ensure your child’s safety is protected.

Our duty as a Tampa private investigation firm is to uncover details that are not readily available to the public. We start by building an investigative framework from our initial research and interviews, and then create a strategy for uncovering the evidence you need for a favorable divorce settlement.

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