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Skiptracing is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts. There are many reasons that one may decide to hire a Tampa private investigation company to find someone who has disappeared, and we have listed several for you below as an example.

Finding a Missing Ex-Spouse

If your ex-husband or wife relocates to a different state or area and drops all contact with you, including child support or alimony payments, this can be a very important reason to hire a Tampa private investigation company. No matter what reason an ex-spouse has for leaving, not paying child support or alimony can lead to very serious legal consequences, not to mention it can be detrimental to the parent that has primary custody and is trying to make ends meet after losing half their income in a divorce. Child support covers basic needs like housing, food and clothing, and with the vanishing of an ex-spouse and their child support payments, action should be taken to recover what the child needs.

Finding a Parent or Child after Adoption

A very common reason to hire a private investigator is for adoption cases. Whether a birth mother or father is looking to find a child they placed for adoption, or a person who has grown up with their adoptive parents has questions and is looking to meet their birth mother or father, the process in itself is not easy. Usually, in a closed adoption, there is limited information to go off of. A Tampa private investigation company will explore detailed data sources during their search and once they locate who you are looking for, they will send you the information to find them.

Finding Long Lost Friends or Family

If you’re looking for long lost relatives or friends from school, hiring a company to perform a private investigation in Tampa will be very beneficial for your search. A private investigator can access public records, phone number databases, credit reports, and more to help you reunite with who you are searching for.

Darwin Securities has 10 years of investigative experience and has a successful history of getting our clients the information that they are in need of. We have many skiptracing procedures in place to find someone that has made their location unknown, whether on purpose or not.

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