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When thinking of someone who might need a bodyguard, you may imagine politicians or celebrities. However, there are plenty of reasons why you might need to hire a bodyguard for executive protection. Whether it be a messy divorce, traveling, or transporting valuable items, if you need to hire a bodyguard from a Tampa private investigation company, there are some qualities you should look for.

Former Military or Law Enforcement Experience

While being former military or law enforcement is not required, it is beneficial to hire a bodyguard with military or law enforcement experience. Someone with this background has had expert training, and has also been in the line of duty, which can make them more at ease and effective protecting a civilian. At Darwin Securities, the majority of our employees have graduated from a known school, such as ESI, ITG, EPI, R.L. Oatman, or J.A. Lasorsa’s. To provide Executive Protection duties in Florida, agents must possess a private investigator license or an agency with an armed security license.

A Good Communicator

Having a bodyguard that communicates well with you is very crucial. You should be able to communicate your protection needs to your bodyguard. Setting up a consultation with a potential bodyguard is always a good idea. You can meet with them to see how they communicate with you, and if you feel comfortable with them.

Good Judgment

Good judgment is a very important quality when looking for a bodyguard. They will have to navigate difficult and unpredictable situations, and they need to able to think quickly and on their feet. A bodyguard should be calm and collected at all times, and have a clear head to correctly read and react to whatever situation they are facing.


If you have a bodyguard with you everywhere you go, all day long, at some point they will interact with people that you know. A good bodyguard will have people skills; they will be polite and professional. A professional bodyguard will understand the importance of planning and site analysis, and they will also be aware of any safety risks that might occur.

Executive protection and private investigation in Tampa is our expertise. At Darwin Securities, we offer executive protection services that include personal and family protection, onsite security, secure transportation, corporate risk and vulnerability assessments, high risk escorts, surveillance, counter surveillance and more.

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