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Insurance fraud is considered the one of the most common types of fraud in the United States. Fraudulent insurance claims can cause businesses to suffer and can have a ripple effect through the economy. It’s important to contact an insurance fraud investigator in Tampa the moment fraudulent activity is suspected, otherwise, your company may be responsible for the costs.

It is equally as important to find someone who has the proper qualifications to be your investigator to ensure the truth is uncovered in any fraudulent insurance claims. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when hiring a fraud investigator.


There is not a specific degree in private investigation that can be earned at a college or university. However, the skills of any degree can be useful to someone interested in private investigating. Fraud investigation involves research, writing and interviewing skills, which can be enhanced through coursework. Some private investigators have a degree in criminal justice and others that solely investigate insurance fraud often have risk management or business degrees.

Some technical and community colleges offer a certification program in private investigation. This coursework can be completed in just under a year. Some professional organizations also offer certifications, but they have their own standards that must be met. Typically, private investigators must adhere to the organizations code of ethics and pass an examination.


A lot of knowledge also comes from time spent in the field and experience from previous jobs. A perfect example of this is people who were formerly in the military. They have experience working in high-stress scenarios that demand critical thinking, discretion, and determination. These skill sets are crucial to being a successful insurance fraud investigator.

Police officers and firefighters can also make strong investigators because of their experience finding evidence and solving cases. Regardless of who you choose as your Tampa fraud investigator, it is important to find an investigator that has the skill set required to handle your case.


Many states require that private investigators who work for insurance companies as consultants obtain special licensing. The specific requirements for obtaining a license are set by each individual state, there is no federal standard. Some states only require passing an ethics test and paying a fee, while others require proof of completed coursework and continuing education. Passing a background check and being free of felony convictions are both requirements that are held by most states.

When you are looking for someone to help you determine if insurance fraud is occurring within your company, make sure they have the proper qualifications. Our Tampa insurance fraud investigators have over 10 years of experience working with insurance companies and can assist your business in putting an end to fraudulent activity.

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