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Insurance Fraud Investigator in Tampa

Defend Against Insurance Fraud by Hiring a Private Investigator From Darwin Securities

Insurance Fraud Investigation

The consequences of insurance fraud go far beyond the damages experienced by the company, institution, or individual directly affected by the perpetrator. Fraud in any form creates a ripple effect that spreads throughout the entire economy. This criminal activity must be stopped, but without proof, these individuals will never see the justice they deserve. Each year, insurance fraud costs individuals and businesses up to $40 billion. This makes it imperative to consult with a Tampa insurance investigator the minute fraudulent activity is suspected. These criminals should be the ones paying for their crimes, not your company or the general public.

Why Choose the Experts at Darwin Securities?

The Tampa insurance fraud investigators from Darwin Securities have built a reputation around providing results that counter the effects of fraudulent behavior. Our team has been assisting businesses for over 10 years by working to ensure that individuals responsible for insurance fraud face the legal ramifications of their crimes. There is a very small window to act, so choosing insurance investigators in Tampa who have the critical thinking skills necessary to combat this criminal behavior should be the first step in recovering your losses and taking a stand against fraud.

At Darwin securities, we start to act immediately by meeting with your company one on one to gather information that will ensure a thorough investigation. Then, our insurance investigators begin pre-surveillance before the official investigation is underway. This allows our team to gather the most comprehensive information for your company to have the upper hand against the individual. For insurance companies with multiple accounts, we utilize a secure on-line web portal, which allows 24/7 access to your cases, maintained with up-to-date surveillance information. At the close of every investigation, we supply your company with a complete report of our findings that can be utilized as evidence against the defendant in court proceedings. We are on your side from the initial meeting to ensure judgment is served from a team focused on delivering insurance fraud investigation with integrity, discretion, and professionalism.


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