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Ensure the Safety of Your Children with a Child Custody Investigation from Darwin Securities

Private Investigator for Child Custody Cases

Whether preparing for an initial custody battle or challenging the terms of an existing agreement, a Tampa private investigator can assist in the gathering of evidence to substantiate claims of unfit living conditions or unlawful activities that could place risk upon the well-being of your child by a guardian or parent. It is often difficult for a judge to identify the true character of a parent or guardian, because they can easily mask their behavior when in court. An in-depth investigation consisting of covert surveillance and background checks is almost always necessary in proving improper conduct, and possessing strong undeniable evidence is often the determining factor between winning and losing custody cases.

Why Choose a Private Investigator from Darwin Securities

Custody cases are the most sensitive of all private investigation cases. That’s why hiring a team of expert private investigators in Tampa is crucial in gathering the appropriate data to present in court. This may include surveillance during scheduled visitations, documentation of unlawful activities, and investigation of third parties that the parent or guardian associates with. Investigations of third parties associated with the parent often highlight unforeseen danger to your child and is often just as or more important than the actions of the parent or guardian. Current and potential issues will be identified, so the welfare of the children at the center of the custody case will be in the hands of the parent or guardian best suited to provide them with care. The Darwin Securities private investigator working on your case will begin with the gathering of preliminary background information. Then he will keep you abreast of all evidence gathered with daily investigation updates. At the close of every child custody investigation you will receive a detailed report of findings.


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