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A proven track record in getting answers.

Private Surveillance in Tampa

Documented evidence from a Tampa surveillance investigator can be a determining factor in winning or losing court cases by substantiating claims of wrongdoing against a business or individual. A lack of evidence can lead to a case being thrown out, which, in turn, will cost you or your company considerable amounts of money and resources. You often only have one opportunity to provide the data necessary to win your case. So, don’t make a costly mistake. Investigative reports can prove claims and leave little room for rebuttal from the opposing party. That’s why our Tampa private surveillance is one of the most sought after services from our clients.

A Proven Track Record

Our team of Tampa surveillance investigators have a proven track record in getting answers and leaving our clients well equipped to validate their claims. This can be attributed to our field experience,  extensive pre-investigation work, and the use of state of the art technology. We have over 10 years’ experience providing private surveillance in Tampa.

Private surveillance in Tampa is not solely a matter of proving misconduct. It can also be used to discredit the character of a witness, obtain information for an interrogation, or provide intelligence that allows a full understanding of your current legal situation. Don’t leave your personal interest to hearsay or opinions. Count on the reliable private investigation tactics of the Darwin Securities team to provide the factual report necessary to authenticate your claims.


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