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Locate an Individual Whose Whereabouts are Unknown

Skiptracing with an Experienced Private Investigator

The term skiptracing comes from the expression to skip town or to skip payment, and while it originally referred to individuals who had committed a crime, the meaning has expanded over the years and refers to specialized methods of locating a missing person. When conducting a skiptrace, our Tampa private investigators use a combination of technology and investigative techniques to find accurate location information for our clients.

How it Works

After our Tampa private investigation team has been brought on to locate a hard-to-find individual, we research extensive sources, then cross-reference and analyze this information. The information we collect can come from a number of different sources including phone number databases, credit reports, credit applications, utility bills, public records, or air-travel records. We may also interview friends, employers, or family members of the individual to gather insider information about their whereabouts. After the investigation is complete, and we have successfully located the individual, we provide the information to our clients, so legal processes can move forward or the person can be reunited with a friend or relative.

Choosing Darwin Securities

When it’s necessary to locate an individual, who has intentionally or unintentionally made their whereabouts unknown, you need private investigators in Tampa who can perform proven skiptracing methods, fast. From visiting neighbors and acquaintances to researching court records, we will do everything in our power to provide results. At Darwin Securities, we have 10 years of investigative experience and have a proven track record of getting our clients the information they need. If you choose our team to conduct a skiptrace, we will leave no stone unturned and we use every resource available to successfully bring the investigation to a close.


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