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If you are involved in a child custody case, you require a private investigator to help bolster your case. Private investigators are commonly hired for this type of dispute as they can perform several important and discrete tasks that are admissible in a court of law. In this brief article, a Tampa child custody private investigator with Darwin Securities will discuss how a surveillance professional can help strengthen your case through the discovery process.  

Surveillance and Background Checks

Child custody cases commonly have conflicting reports. These unsubstantiated accounts require an experienced professional to gather accurate, case-relevant information to determine whether or not accounts are fact or fiction. A private investigator can assist a client in a child custody case in the following ways:

  • Private investigators can gather the evidence you need to strengthen your side of a case. Whether it’s surveillance strategies or speaking to interested parties, a private investigator is a resourceful ally that can obtain information an individual personally connected to the case cannot. 
  • A private investigator knows how to perform background checks of subjects and collect relevant documents. Whether it’s researching the person’s work history, criminal background, credit information, or social media profiles, a private investigator can shed light on topics related to a subject with thorough research. 

Licensed and Ready to Help

A private investigator is not only skilled and experienced in collecting evidence through different mediums, but they are also licensed and understand the laws related to surveillance work. A private investigator has professional training and is aware of their legal restrictions, including whether they can legally enter private property or access confidential records. If a person elects to hire an unlicensed investigator or a friend, they could be held liable if the person investigating commits a crime. 

If you are involved in a child custody battle, it’s important to act in the best interests of your child. If you have a former spouse that is abusing drugs, living with a convicted felon, or providing an unstable home environment for your child, it’s critical that you consult a licensed and experienced private investigator. Never leave your child’s future in the hands of a judge. Consult the private investigation specialists at Darwin Securities to bolster your case. 

To learn more about hiring a Tampa private investigator for child custody cases or to schedule a consultation with the licensed experts at Darwin Securities, please submit our contact request form.