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If your spouse has been acting weird or distant lately, naturally you may be feeling a bit concerned. Your concern may even be turning into suspicion. Before you jump to conclusions and hire a Tampa spouse surveillance professional, review these possible reasons for their odd behavior.

They’re Under A Lot of Pressure

Life happens to us all. The death of a loved one, a crisis or traumatic event, or getting fired or laid off from a job can place your spouse under a lot of stress. They may act out in different ways including being irritable, anxious, or angry. It’s best to communicate and ask your spouse how you can help ease some of the pressure.

They’re Sick

Sometimes we take one another for granted and may not notice the tell-tale signs of sickness or even depression. If your spouse has been under the weather lately or is dealing with a chronic illness, they just may act a bit odd, especially if they’re in pain or not getting rest. Sometimes our loved ones can be functional but depressed, which could lead to detachment or constant complaining.

They’re Making Personal Changes

People evolve and make changes at different stages of their life. A negative event could spur the change, but your spouse could also just be bored with their own life and desire to challenge or improve themselves. Instead of assuming the worst, have a conversation and cheer them on if the change is for their betterment.

You’re Really the Problem

It may be difficult to accept but you could be the reason for your spouse’s weird behavior. Have you been attentive emotionally and sexually? Are you always complaining and giving your partner a hard time about everything? Sometimes we don’t realize how much are own behavior may affect the ones closest to us. If your relationship has become a source of contention, it’s time to make changes.

If You’re Certain They Are Cheating…

In spite of all the reasons above, if you still have a hunch that they are being unfaithful, you may be ready to hire an investigator that knows how to find a cheating spouse in Tampa. At Darwin Securities, our highly trained staff have been conducting private investigations for over a decade. With our Tampa spouse surveillance service, we can provide you with documented evidence of spousal infidelity, which can also be used for legal purposes when necessary (e.g., child custody or alimony cases). If you’re ready for fact-based answers, give us call today.

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