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When you need help gathering intel on another person legally, a private investigator can be a powerful ally. That said, you want to be careful not to underestimate the boundaries of the law when it comes to hiring a private investigator. Take it from us, we’ve been providing the Tampa Bay area with private investigation services for over a decade, and our experience stretches far beyond that.

At Darwin Securities, a private investigator in Tampa can help you find the answers you’re looking for without making false promises. Whether you need our services for domestic matters involving child custody or a cheating spouse, or something else entirely, we’ve got the skills and knowledge to assist you. In this brief article, we’ll set the record straight on the services a private investigator can and cannot offer you. Remember, if a private investigator claims that they offer services that are not protected by the law, turn the other way.

Private Investigators Cannot…

Private investigators are responsible for obeying the law when they conduct an investigation. Therefore, they don’t have “special” rights that regular citizens do not. In fact, outside of a specialized license and unique set of skills, you and a private investigator are virtually in the same boat legally. However, this shouldn’t be misconstrued as meaning a private investigator is an ineffective partner; in fact, the opposite is true. A professional private investigator doesn’t need to break the law to help you find the answers you seek. And working within the framework of the legal system actually keeps both you and the investigator on safe grounds to continue the investigation until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

Moreover, a private investigator cannot trespass on private property without the knowledge of the property owner. This means a private investigator can interact with the person of interest, but they can’t sneak around their home looking for clues or conduct a stakeout on private property. Once a person of interest crosses into the public domain, they are fair game for the private investigator, who at this point is permitted to take photos of them. On a similar note, a private investigator cannot track someone with GPS attached to their property in the State of Florida without the person’s knowledge or consent, but they can if the vehicle belongs to the person who wishes to track the person (i.e., a husband wants to track his wife who he believes is cheating on him and he owns the car she drives). Oh, and wiretaps? Forget about it.

Private Investigators Can…

In the real world, private investigators have to work within the law to complete jobs, and although this may seem limiting to the uninitiated, that’s not actually the case. At Darwin Securities, we offer an array of private investigation services including:

  • Background checks
  • Moving and stationary surveillance
  • Evidence gathering
  • Skiptracing
  • GPS tracking device rental
  • Financial investigations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Video reporting
  • Running license plates
  • Online database research

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