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Some sensitive legal documents are required to be handled and delivered by either a member of law enforcement or a certified professional that is approved through a court system to provide this personal service. The service of process is a required action for delivering a legal court document (for example a subpoena, summons, or complaint) to a related party (the defendant) to notify this person of due process. After a plaintiff or petitioner makes a request through court to have a document served to the defendant, the court approves the action and a process server is appointed to serve the document.

In this brief article, Darwin Securities, a private investigation company headquartered in Tampa, FL, will discuss several benefits of how a law firm can partner with a reliable Tampa process server to file, retrieve, or deliver sensitive legal documents on their behalf.

Experienced Process Servers Understand the Law

As the duty of a process server is to legally notify a defendant of a pending legal issue by delivering the document, the court needs to be legally made aware of and approve of the process server before they deliver this important notice. Once the process server is approved by the court, they are authorized to perform the requirements of their position. After serving the documents, the process server needs to provide verification that the papers were correctly served to the related party. This affidavit of service must be notarized and delivered to the person that requested this service.

It’s critical that a process server adheres to Florida Statutes and has a comprehensive understanding of the laws in the state they are providing this service. Moreover, if the defendant is unlawfully served these documents, the entire case can be compromised.

Providing Accurate and Efficient Delivery

As a private investigation company that specializes in this legal service, our team of professionals understands the needs of law firms that require a process server to accurately and efficiently serve an important document to a defendant. Many suspecting defendants will go to great lengths to try and avoid being served. For example, a person may refuse to answer their door, they may have a bogus address listed, they may avoid their workplace, or have family members lie about their whereabouts. When you partner with a professional with an investigative background, they will anticipate these deceptive tactics and ensure the prompt delivery of the document. Further, they will ensure they remain in compliance with all local and state laws when they perform the responsibilities of their position.

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