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In the corporate world, executive protection can be very important. As a corporate executive, whether you think your title would make you a target for kidnapping or not, you have most likely taken the necessary precautions to ensure you and your company’s safety. However, though pre-employment screenings and background checks are important, hiring Tampa private investigator for executive protection is just as important for your safety.

Darwin Securities knows that there are a couple of different executive protection services available for you and your company, some of which will offer protection for your family as well. We recommend asking your private investigator which protection services meet your needs.

General Executive Protection

General executive protection will provide you and your company a safe and securing feeling while at work. If employees are no longer worrying about threats and their safety, they will be able to concentrate more on their duties.

International Executive Protection

If you are a CEO that travels abroad for work, you are at a high risk for kidnapping or extortion attempts. By hiring an experienced private investigator in Tampa, you will have someone by your side while traveling abroad to protect you, something that is especially important if you believe you are being targeted. Even if nothing happens during your travels, you will be able to work more confidently while knowing you are protected.

Maritime Executive Protection

When hiring Tampa private investigators for maritime protection, it can range anywhere from protection while on a family yacht outing to commercial shipping enterprises.

Monetary Transport Executive Protection

Monetary transport executive protection involves monetary and jewelry transport protection to guarantee that your cargo will reach its destination without any problems.

Executive Protection at Home

Executive protection is limited to your travels or place of business. You may also require protection for your family at home. If any threats have been made against you or your family, seek professional help immediately. Your opponents may attempt to kidnap family members as ransom to extort money from you, and that can be easily avoided with the help of an executive protection agent.

Whether you’re a CEO in a big corporate office, an employee in a smaller firm, or running your own business, hiring an executive protection agent will give you both protection and peace of mind.

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