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Losing custody of your child can be a traumatic experience, especially if you feel that the judge made a potentially dangerous error by awarding custody to your former spouse. Maybe your ex has a drinking problem, violent tendencies that only you are aware of, or maybe they lack simple parenting skills. Whatever the case, when you lose custody of your child, you need to remain calm and decide whether you want to make your situation better or worse.

When emotions get the best of you, it’s hard to think clearly and act logically. Fortunately, by partnering with a Tampa private investigator for child custody cases, you can plan your next course of action with an informed professional who is well-versed in the sensitive nature of child custody cases. Once the judge’s gavel sounds, your fight for the right to protect your child doesn’t have to be over. It might feel like you’ve run out of options, but you can still win custody of your child.

Learn From Your Mistakes

When the judge awarded custody to your former spouse, you probably felt a strong wave of resentment for the legal professional who made, what you believed to be, the wrong decision. However, as an impartial third party, the judge is not to blame. You might have been in distress during legal proceedings when your ex claimed that you were less fit to parent. Or perhaps you violated a court order. Either way, you must come to grips with the decision and learn from your mistakes.

Seek Professional Help

If you plan to win back custody of your children, you’ll likely end up entrenched in another courtroom battle at some point. Therefore, you should partner with an attorney who has experience with family law cases. Additionally, you can hire a Tampa child custody private investigator to help collect evidence to support your case. 

Consider Your Options

Having your child custody arrangement re-evaluated doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be awarded primary custody of your child. The strength of your argument will be largely predicated on your behavior since the original hearing, the strength of any evidence you have collected to prove that you are better suited for full custody, and your ex’s conduct in court. It’s absolutely imperative that you don’t take any actions to aggravate the situation and compromise your ability to care for your children permanently. If your former spouse has full custody of your child, you might want to consider an alternative custody arrangement to make both parties happy. Shared custody is almost always the preferred option if full custody if off the table.

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