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In the private investigation world, surveillance is the art of watching someone or some place in order to identify any contact, activities, and whereabouts. Surveillance is the best way to document your findings, for later court hearings. Surveillance is especially important when the matter of investigation is spousal affairs. If a man or woman suspects that their partner is cheating on them, hiring a private investigator for surveillance is the best way to catch them in the act.

Why Do Private Investigators Conduct Surveillance?

A private investigation company in Tampa will conduct surveillance to see whether or not their client’s spouse is cheating on them, and if they are, they will gather evidence for a court proceeding.

What Other Types of Investigations Require Surveillance?

  • Worker’s compensation case
  • Vandalism case
  • Recurring theft case
  • Insurance fraud case
  • Stalker/harassment case
  • Child custody case

What Are the Different Types of Surveillance Available?

The types of surveillance a Tampa private investigation company will conduct when catching a cheating spouse will vary depending on the case. When you hire a private investigator, it will be their job to determine which type(s) of surveillance will work best with the case, and what they are hoping to achieve with the surveillance. The nature of the case will determine if the surveillance will be mechanical or human, covert or overt, or stationary or mobile.

Mechanical Surveillance Versus Human Surveillance

Mechanical surveillance is when a private investigation company in Tampa uses technology devices to conduct surveillance. Mechanical surveillance is beneficial because equipment can be used in multiple locations, and information from the different locations can be accessed at the same time. Human surveillance is when the private investigator is the main source of information. During human surveillance, the investigator will tail their subject(s) and observe them in person.

Covert Surveillance Versus Overt Surveillance

Covert surveillance is undetected surveillance. This type of surveillance is conducted by a licensed investigator. It can involve trailing a subject or using a tracking device (provided it does not violate the state’s laws). On the other hand, overt surveillance is visible security, like security camera or security guards.

Stationary Surveillance Versus Mobile Surveillance

With stationary surveillance, the investigator stays in just one place to observe their subject. With mobile surveillance, it’s the opposite. The investigator(s) will follow a moving subject to observe if they are doing anything suspicious. Mobile surveillance requires much more skill and training. It can take up to two years for a private investigator to be trained in mobile surveillance.

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