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Cheaters are going to cheat all year long, but the signs are more apparent than ever during the holidays. When we conduct Tampa private investigations during this time, there are a number of additional clues, like the ones we’ve listed below, that only present themselves during this time of year.

1. Preoccupation from your Partner

The holidays are a busy time of year. There’s holiday shopping, parties, and spending time with family. While this is an enjoyable time for most people, imagine having to do these activities for multiple partners. Living multiple lives is nearly impossible during the holidays. As a result, a cheating partner will be more preoccupied than usual, and will likely slip up and forget to cover their tracks. This is the time to watch out for blatant signs of cheating from email, social media, and phone records left out in the open.

2. Bank Account Summaries and Receipts

If you’ve been suspecting infidelity, now is the time to watch out for receipts that show signs of gifts meant for the opposite sex or outings you weren’t around for. If possible, check your partner’s bank account statements, too. Most cheaters are smart enough not to make extravagant purchases on their card, but they still have to withdraw cash. As Tampa private investigators, we can attest that large amounts of cash being withdrawn from your partner’s bank account is clear sign that they have something to hide.

3. Excessive Absences Around the Holidays

From the annual holiday party at work to The Nutcracker being played at the local theater, there is a lot going on during this time of year. Expect that if your spouse is cheating, they’re holiday calendar will be especially full of activities with you and their other partner. If your significant other has to leave suddenly to go visit their Great Aunt Mildred, who you’ve never heard of, chances are the unexpected holiday trip is a cover up for their cheating ways.

Darwin Securities is an experienced team of investigators that can help you get the answers you deserve. Don’t let an unfaithful spouse ruin your holiday cheer. Trust a professional private investigator in Tampa and start the new year off with a fresh start.

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