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Engaging a Tampa private investigator should be done after careful consideration of your needs and the qualifications of the private investigator you intend to hire. Your personal, professional, and financial well being are all at stake, so it is essential to put your livelihood in the hands of a professional with experience and integrity.

As private investigators in Tampa, FL, we recommend using the following questions as qualifiers to choose the right investigator for your case. The answers will provide you with the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision.


1. Are they licensed?

Florida state law requires that individuals working within the private security and investigation industries be properly licensed. The standards by which they should run their business are defined within Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes. Within this provision, it is stated that the State of Florida chose to regulate the private investigation industry because untrained persons or those of ill character, are a threat to the welfare of the general public.

To ensure that the individual or business you are considering to hire are licensed, visit the Florida Division of Licensing.


2. Do they have experience?

Every private investigation case is unique, but it is still important to choose an investigator that understands your situation and has experience working on similar cases. If your case falls outside of their common services, make sure to have the company identify exactly how they plan to conduct the investigation. In addition, your case may require the use of certain technologies. Make sure the private investigation firm you choose has the qualifications and capabilities to conduct a thorough investigation with the necessary technology.


3. Are they professional and trustworthy?

This is the most important criteria for choosing the right private investigator. How do they conduct their business? Make sure you are dealing with a professional, and not someone who sees investigation as a hobby. You are putting your well being into their hands, and you deserve to have the full attention of a properly operating business. In addition to running a professional business, how are they running it? Will there be open communication on updates of your investigation? It is important in any investigation to be supplied truthful information as it is gathered.

In your initial meeting, be sure to ask the right questions. Is this someone you want to have a professional relationship with? Keep in mind, an investigation can uncover personal information. Are you comfortable with how they will handle and deliver this sensitive information?


4. Do they let you know the fees up front?

Transparency is crucial. If the private investigator is hesitant about providing fees for their services, this may be a sign to walk the other way. Also, if you are quoted one estimate and the cost continues to increase, without changes being made to the terms of the investigation, this may be another indication of things to come.


5. Will they testify in court on your behalf?

At the end of the day, when searching for the right private investigator, you are searching for answers. These answers will determine if an employee is making a fraudulent insurance claim, a spouse is withholding information detrimental to a custody or divorce case, or a business partner has lied about information provided in a contract. After an investigation proves your suspicions, often your word and documentation is not enough. For the results to be taken in to consideration, the private investigator may need to appear in court on your behalf. Will they be a credible source of this data and information?

Don’t leave your well being up to chance. Be thoughtful when choosing a private investigator in Tampa. Follow your instincts and use these qualifying questions to make the right decision.

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