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Hiring a Tampa private investigation company to run a background check will save you time and money, and will help you to make a more informed decision on who to work with or hire. Most employers know that running a background check on a candidate is a common thing, but what about in everyday situations? When else should you consider running a background check?

Potential Nannies

A nanny, live-in or otherwise, is a big part of your family. They will potentially spend a lot of time with your children, and you have to be able to place your kids in the nanny’s care with confidence. Don’t rely on a potential nanny’s agency background check. Conduct your own. A private investigation company will be able to run their own background check for any discrepancies. They will check driving records, previous employment, and look for criminal history.

Potential Tenants

Whether you are renting out your home or condo, you need to protect yourself and your property from bad tenants. Conducting a Tampa private investigation can save you from renting your place out to someone with bad credit or criminal charges. Run of the mill online credit checks don’t always provide accurate information, and if you want clear and defined information, it’s always wise to hire professionals.

Future Business Partners

If you are hoping to go into business with a partner, it is prudent to hire a private investigation company to run a background check on them. If the business fails, it’s bad news for both you and your potential partner. If it turns out your potential partner has a criminal record or bad credit, you may dodge a bullet.


This one might seem a little strange, but it’s something that more and more people are doing before applying for jobs. As a job seeker, you can assume that your potential employers are going to run a background check before hiring you, and if you’ve run one on yourself, you can be prepared for what they might find. Whatever the results, having them in your hand before an interview can help you prepare for questions that might be asked.

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