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According the to The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, fraud costs the American people and businesses $80 billion dollars each year. An insurance fraud investigator in Tampa, like Darwin Securities, can assist you after the crime has taken place, but how can insurance fraud be stopped altogether?

To help you implement proactive solutions to combat fraud, our insurance investigators have provided tips on how to spread awareness and enlist the help of the general public to bring about change.

1. Create an Awareness Campaign

Outreach campaigns are a very effective way to reach the general public. Insurance fraud statistics and data can be shared through email marketing, direct mail, and social media to bring light to fact that fraud is not a victimless crime. There are also established campaigns from organizations like The Coalition Against Fraud that can be used as a resource to develop ideas and strategies for sharing this information.

2. Highlight Fraud Arrests and New Laws

A monthly newsletter can also be utilized to spread information about insurance fraud, but specifically to highlight busts from insurance fraud investigations, criminal convictions, and new harsher penalties. This will act as reminder that committing insurance fraud is a crime that comes with real consequences.

3. Develop an Anonymous Hotline

Many people don’t take a stand against fraudulent behavior for fear of being found out. This can be avoided by creating an anonymous hotline that can be utilized by policy holders and people with inside information about claims that are currently under investigation. Depending on the prevalence of insurance fraud for your company, it may also be beneficial to develop a rewards program for reporting fraudulent activity.

4. Partner with Local Legislators

As an insurance provider, you know what areas of the law allow perpetrators of insurance fraud to fall through the cracks. Share this knowledge with local legislators and work to develop new laws to close these gaps. Insurance fraud is a national issue. With a political figure acting as the face of the movement, there will also be greater opportunities to gain interest from local media outlets, and further spread awareness to the general public.


Internally, you may know ways to identify behaviors and monitor fraud, and may enlist the help of an insurance investigator in Tampa. However, to put an end to insurance fraud altogether, proactive steps must be taken to end the crisis that is bankrupting businesses, costing people their jobs, and the American people billion of dollars in increased insurance rates.

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