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Like many business owners, you likely have a task you need outsourced and aren’t sure whom to turn to. This task may entail performing a background check on an employee or investigating an employee for insurance fraud. In other cases, a lucrative business may want to safeguard their trade secrets. Normally, an employer would have to approach a number of different services to get these jobs done. However, a private investigator can do all this and more. Below, we discuss four ways a private investigator can help your business. Whether you oversee a small workforce or a Fortune 500 company, you stand to benefit from hiring an experienced private investigator in Tampa, FL

1. Background Checks 

You always want to be wary of whom you bring under your wing. Regardless of their apparent demeanor, any employee could be hiding a secret past and nefarious intentions. A private investigator can perform a thorough background check to uncover an applicant’s personal, professional, and criminal history. An automated background check can’t compare to an exhaustive search conducted by a Tampa Bay private investigator

2. Employee Monitoring 

Unfortunately, some employees can’t be trusted even after they’ve passed a background check. This is often the case in highly competitive jobs or retail positions where employees are surrounded by high-end merchandise. If you have missing inventory or suspect that your clients are being poached by an employee, it may be time to consult a private investigator who can monitor your workforce in secret and ensure that everyone is on the level. 

3. Investigating Insurance Fraud 

When an employee’s injury seems anything but legitimate, it’s not uncommon for a company to reach out to a Tampa Bay private investigator to gather evidence of insurance fraud. For example, we provide companies with a complete report of our findings that can be used against defendants in court. You’d be surprised by how many employees feign a serious injury only to maintain an obvious, active lifestyle outside of work. Without the proof provided by our private investigators, many of these individuals would have gotten away with their crime and the companies in question would have had to pay the price in the form of increased insurance premiums. 

4. Threat Assessment  

Any surveillance company worth their salt should be able to provide your company with a myriad of services designed to safeguard not only you and your employees but your company as a whole. To begin, Darwin Securities, LLC, can provide your company with executive protection to ensure employees are safe at all times and at ease when performing their job duties. In addition, our services revolve around protecting your company from non-insurable risks, such as threats to your company’s reputation or trade secrets. At Darwin Securities, LLC, we can work with your company to investigate threats and address them before they grow into a problem. 

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