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Our Tampa insurance fraud investigators understand the necessity of stopping individuals responsible for fraudulent claims. It is a burden not only held by the company themselves, but the general public, who become victims of increased policy rates.

To minimize these damages, it is important to understand how to spot fraudulent activity, so our Tampa insurance investigators have provided three ways to uncover a fraudulent claim.

1. Research Claim History

A history of insurance claims is a major indicator that you may be dealing with a professional scammer. Most individuals that commit fraud, however, are smarter than filing claims under the same name or with the same insurance provider. For this reason, it is also beneficial to search claimants current and previous residences.

To get a more complete look into someones claim history beyond your company database, utilize an anti-fraud information system that houses claims from multiple insurance providers. This will allow you to search millions of past claims and current claims made for the same accident or loss.

2. Look at the Claimants Social Media Profiles

Lets face it, criminals are not the best decision makers, and with the world of social media, reviewing a claimant’s account is as simple as logging into Facebook or Twitter. While this may not seem like the most professional strategy, it works, especially when dealing with personal injury claims. A lot of supposed injured individuals will put out incriminating updates, such as walking around without a cast or doing a physical activity, that prove their injuries are non-existent or not as severe as being claimed.

3. Enlist the Help of an Insurance Investigator

Trained insurance fraud investigators in Tampa are experts at weeding out false claims and can be a huge asset to your firm. A recommended strategy for your company is after identifying fraud indicators and signs, bring the case to an investigator, who can get verifiable proof that will stand strong when brought before a judge. Tampa insurance investigators will have resources, technology, and specialized techniques solely for the purpose of stopping criminals in their tracks.

At Darwin Securities, we are highly trained at conducting insurance fraud investigations in Tampa and have helped numerous companies not only collect proof to disprove a claim, but also bring charges against the perpetrator. So, when you suspect a false claim, we are here to help.

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