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Your family means everything to you. You want to keep them safe and out of trouble. As teens test boundaries they start telling their parents or guardians less about their daily activities. If you suspect something serious is going on without your knowledge, you should consider hiring a private investigator.

Private investigators can provide surveillance, background checks, and documentation to help you get peace of mind. In this article, one of our Tampa private investigators gives you three ways Darwin Securities can help if you have a teen.

Child Custody

Divorce is stressful at best and an utter nightmare at worst. Our Tampa private investigators can mean the difference between winning your court case or your ex getting custody of your teen. If you lose custody of your teen, it can have profound consequences on the formative years of their life.

Your ex might be putting your teen in harm’s way by exposing them to drug use or to unsavory people, reckless driving, or an unsafe home. Our private investigators are experts at providing helpful documentation on unsuitable living conditions. Do not try to do the investigation yourself as this can lead to legal complications. In any case, remember that the court looks favorably on parents who try to work with the other side to reach an amicable resolution.

Suspected Abuse

If your teen is coming home with bruises, cuts, or other signs of physical or emotional abuse, it might be time to hire a private investigator to find out what’s really going on. Whether it’s a family member, a bully, or school staff, a private investigator can help you keep your teen from being hurt further.

Private investigators are not mandatory reporters, but they do understand how to provide documentation in abuse cases. Surveillance and photographic evidence may be necessary to prove the guilt of the abuser.

Suspected Crime or Drug Use

If your teen is acting abnormally, you might suspect they are using drugs or involved in crime. You may know your son or daughter is hanging out with other teens who are troublemakers. Your teen may have even stolen jewelry or money from your family. A private investigator can help you determine if your child is perpetrating crimes or using drugs, so you can get the help they need.

Getting your teen help before law enforcement gets involved may prove critical to their bright future. Caught early enough, teens can be rehabilitated and set on the right path. If you suspect your teen is in a bad situation but you need proof, our staff can help you put together a comprehensive plan for your unique circumstances.

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