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It may seem obvious to run a background check on a babysitter, employee, or even someone you are romantically involved with, but why should you get one on yourself? Performing a check on anyone is a complex process. There is no single database that researchers check and all background checks aren’t of equal quality. Having a professional Tampa private investigator run your background check for you provides several benefits.

1. Find Mistakes Early

You probably know what will show up on your background check. However, when it comes back, you could be surprised. Clerical errors still exist in the age of digital record keeping. It’s possible that a police officer could have recorded a criminal conviction on your record instead of that of the perpetrator.

If you have a somewhat common name, some of the DIY background check companies can pull the wrong file. Understanding your record and knowing what shows up on your background check can help you combat any false information that is found there.

2. Take Control

If you don’t know what comes up on a background check, how can you explain it to an employer or apartment lessor? This can stop you from being caught off guard by any unsavory results that show up. Understanding exactly what your records say puts you in a position to be able to take control of how you are perceived and tell your story.

3. Catch Identity Theft

With all the information stored online and recent hacks of credit bureaus, it’s possible that someone has committed crimes while using your identity. Identity theft is not limited to using your credit cards for fraudulent purchases, the person using your identity could obtain a new driver’s license and use it as identification for any other crime they could commit.

Tampa Private Investigator

Hiring an experienced private investigator will give you a much better quality background check than you can obtain online. Your reputation is worth the effort a professional will put into helping you understand what comes up during the research process.

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