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Many equate executive protection with the highly-visible rich and famous. The President of the United States and celebrities aren’t the only ones in need of protection. C-Level employees are vital to the success of your company. They are valuable assets that you should be protecting. Not only are they valuable, their loved ones are too. According to Forbes, successful companies like Oracle and Amazon hired protection for their CEOs. You can benefit from the executive protection services of a private investigator in Tampa. We’ll give you 3 reasons why you need to hire executive protection for your top executive too.

1. Protection Against Disgruntled Employees

Whenever you dismiss an employee, there’s always some risk of retaliation. Even if your company’s CEO isn’t directly involved in an employee’s dismissal, your CEO can become a direct target for the scorned former employee.

2. International Business Travel

International business trips are routine for some companies. What if your CEO needs to conduct business on high-risk foreign soil? Travelers should be alert to the potential for airplane hijackings, street protests, and more. A Tampa private investigator is familiar with the security risks that threaten their safety.

3. Protection Against Threats and Intimidation

An upper level executive can become the target of harassment for different reasons. Threats may stem from personal or business related interactions. Your employee can be the target of verbal threats, stalking, kidnapping, and more. It’s crucial that you protect your employee and their loved ones against workplace violence.

Types of Executive Protection

Darwin Securities provides executive protection tailored to your individual business. We offer general, international, maritime, monetary transport, and even home executive protection.

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