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A background check is a vital tool that can help you decide if you should engage in any type of personal or business transaction with an individual. Background checks catch red flags about an individual’s professional, personal, or legal past. A private investigator in Tampa will ensure you make informed decisions. Failing to conduct a background check may lead to regret later.

1. A Potential Employee

Always perform a criminal background check on individuals seeking employment at your company. A candidate’s criminal record, salary history, and credit score can help you determine suitability. There are some limits to how you use some of the records you find, so be sure to comply with Florida law.

2. Caregivers

Make the safety and well-being of your children or an elderly family member a priority. Screen any person that will have extensive contact with a child. Teachers, volunteers, and adoption parents fall into this category as well. There have been countless instances where the elderly and children have experienced abuse at the hands of a caregiver. As their advocate, you protect them when they can’t protect themselves. Conducting a background check through our Tampa private investigation service is a safeguard.

3. A New Tenant

A person’s ability to pay shouldn’t be the sole reason you hand over the keys to your property. It’s important to conduct background checks for property rentals. You’ll want to know whether they had good habits or caused trouble at their former property. A thorough background check will inform you of a person’s past rental history and criminal records. It’s especially important if children live on your property grounds. You will definitely want to know if a potential tenant has a sex offender record.

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