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It’s unfortunate, but statistics indicate that half of all marriages end in divorce. During divorce litigation, things can get pretty messy as each spouse grapples with the aftermath. One of the primary areas of concern during settlement is who will get what. It’s one thing to divide up known assets, but what about hidden assets?

Are you aware of every asset attained in your marriage? It’s not uncommon for a spouse who has more control over the family’s finances to resort to hiding assets in fear of having to split them. If you entrusted your spouse to handle every aspect of your finances you are likely in the dark about your assets. You can simply ask your spouse for detailed records about your finances. But, if your spouse doesn’t divulge the information, you need a private investigation in Tampa to help you uncover hidden assets.

Marital Property and Non-marital Property

Under Florida law, assets are recognized as marital and non-marital property. Some examples of marital property are property obtained during the marriage, assets that are enhanced as a result of marriage, and gifts to one another. Some examples of non-marital property are assets obtain before marriage and assets excluded by a prenuptial agreement. Please consult with an attorney for extensive guidance on what falls into these categories.

Assets That May Be Hidden

The following and more can be hidden assets.

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Bank accounts
  • Fake expenses
  • Transferring assets to friends or separate accounts
  • Jewelry
  • Vehicles
  • Real estate property
  • Personal money tied into a business

How We Can Help You

Tampa private investigation firms know all too well the level of financial deception that occurs in marriages that go awry. By law, a spouse should be disclosing all assets to their spouse. Many spouses, especially women, leave marriages with financial struggles. Think about the child support, alimony, or property you could miss out on. This is why we help you uncover hidden assets so you can get every dollar that belongs to you.

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