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Protection must be properly suited to the needs of those being protected, whether they be a celebrity, politician, or CEO. This might mean having a team of bodyguards available to protect you at a moments notice. But such an overt approach might not be right for you. The best protection for your specific needs might be a single bodyguard watching from a safe distance or blending in with the crowd. In the world of executive protection, discretion could be what de-escalates a potentially life-threatening situation. In this brief article, we will be discussing the hidden strengths of a discreet executive protection specialist. If you are in need of executive protection in Tampa, whether it be overt or covert, speak with one of our experts today.

A Bodyguard You Can Trust

Safety is the number one priority, but a discreet bodyguard is one that you can also feel comfortable around. Our agents provide protection so that you can go about your life normally. You may not find it normal having massive bodyguards in suits surrounding you at all times. You may feel like you are under a microscope, having your every move watched. But protection need not come at a loss to your privacy and freedom. Please be assured that your privacy will always be a priority when you work with Darwin Securities and our executive protection service in Tampa.

A Steady Hand

This neutral manner also lends itself to de-escalating potentially violent situations. An attacker may be more likely to go on the offensive if they perceive a threat. The goal with an executive protection service is to plan for and prevent violence before it enters your life. If a violent encounter erupts, your protection service has already failed.

Someone Who Can Blend in

The point of a bodyguard is to protect, but that mission becomes compromised when the mere presence of a bodyguard causes anxiety in everyone in the vicinity. For this reason, the best agent for you may be one that a potential threat would never have noticed. This specialist may be in street clothes, blending in with your friends and family while putting themselves in the best position to protect you.

Hire a Professional

An emphasis on discretion doesn’t come at the cost of skill or professionalism. Our executive protection specialists are comprised of former military members, police officers, and graduates of executive protection programs. Experienced in weapons tactics and unarmed compliance techniques, all of our agents are certified and capable of protecting you during travel, special events, and everyday life.  

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