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Clients That Require Executive Protection Services

If you work in a prominent position or are an affluent member of society, you never want to leave your personal safety to chance. This is why many individuals and corporations utilize a highly specialized executive protection service in Tampa. In this brief article, an expert from Darwin Securities will explain what exactly executive protection services entail and the clients that require this service.

Who Needs Executive Protection?

Executive protection services provide security to a wide range of individuals, corporations, and entities. If you work in a position or industry that may be considered “at risk” of being targeted by a criminal, terrorist, or any other type of threat, you require executive protection. Here are the types of clients that utilize executive protection services:

  • Politicians: Politicians, dignitaries, ambassadors, or high ranking military officers are all individuals in a prominent position that are required to travel often and attend many large events. Any of these individuals can be susceptible to a terrorist attack or an assassination attempt either domestically or on foreign land. Executive protection experts provide personal security, risk and vulnerability assessments, among other specialized services including active shooter and preparedness training.
  • Executives: If you are a chief executive officer, chairperson, stakeholder, or entrepreneur of a successful organization, you may require executive protection for a variety of reasons. This includes protection from disgruntled former employees, transportation security when traveling to important meeting and events, or even the transportation of valuable corporate assets to a new location.
  • Affluent Members of Society: If you have amassed a considerable amount of wealth, you and your family can become potential targets of criminal behavior including theft or a kidnapping plot. Executive protection services for wealthy families include personal protection services, surveillance, counter surveillance, and residential protection services for families.
  • Celebrities: Actors, musicians, and professional athletes are often targeted by a wide variety of potential threats including thieves or even obsessed fans. If you have a high net worth or a well-known celebrity status, you may be at risk. Celebrities require security at red carpet events and also private parties. Additional services include home surveillance and counter surveillance, stalking and threat investigations, and vulnerability assessments.

The trained and certified security and surveillance professionals at Darwin Securities utilize a variety of executive protection service techniques in order to protect our clients. These services range from the pre-planning phase to traditional security measures to how to handle emergency situations and private investigations.

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