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When a significant other is unfaithful, they are likely exhibiting certain behavioral cues, such as changes in appearance, changes in daily patterns, and changes in attitude. At Darwin Securities, we have assisted countless wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends, who believe they are victims of infidelity. While every case is different, each of our clients have one thing in common. They all identify that something isn’t quite right in their relationship.

To make you more aware within your own relationship, our Tampa private investigators have compiled a list of signs that may point to a cheating spouse or significant other.

1. Changes in Appearance

If your significant other starts making changes to his or her appearance, this is not necessarily a sign of foul play. People commonly make commitments to eat better, spend time exercising, get a new hair cut, etc. The difference between someone who is simply spending time on themselves versus someone who is trying to impress someone new is the behavior that comes along with these changes. Most often in relationships people will confide in their partner when planning to make better choices for their health, try out a new hair style, or make changes to their wardrobe. If out of the blue, you notice that your significant other is waking up early to get ready, spending extra time at the gym, or taking extreme measures to change their look and never talk to you about it or becomes defensive when you comment on these changes, there may be more than meets the eye with the motives.

2. Caught in Lies

Some clues are subtle, while others are plain as day, like catching your partner red-handed in a lie. Story details changing from one day to the next, finding evidence of another partner, or receipts from outings that you knew nothing about, could mean you have a cheater on your hands. Lying is never innocent and is always meant as a cover up for foul play. The minute you start picking up on these inconsistencies, seek a private investigator in Tampa to get to the bottom of the deception.

3. Changes in Patterns

Most people are creatures of habit. They get up at a certain time, get ready for work, leave at the same time every day, complete their work day, and then come home. These patterns are generally identifiable. This is especially telling if there is no real explanation about the changes, like deadlines at work, a new position, etc. For example, if your partner suddenly starts coming in from work an hour late every night with a shaky explanation as to why, chances are something other than work has disrupted your partner’s routine.

4. Changes in Behavior

When we say changes in behavior, our Tampa private investigators are referring to the attitude of your partner. If you notice your partner becoming distant, on edge, or defensive, these could be signs of cheating behavior. Your partner may also become very secretive about their whereabouts, and try to start fights over simple questions regarding unusual behavior. These changes deserve notice. While cheating may not always be the culprit, there is a chance that your significant other is hiding something that is making them emotionally unavailable.

5. Gut Instincts

There is no universal sign of cheating. In reality, your significant other may not exhibit any signs of infidelity. They may act completely normal. They know how to cover their tracks, so you don’t catch them in lies. Every day patterns appear to be the same, but you just know something isn’t right. In this case, you have to trust yourself. Your own instincts are often the most telling, and for your own peace of mind a Tampa private investigator can find out if your partner is hiding something from you.

When faced with suspected cheating, you deserve to get the proof you need by contacting a team of private investigators in Tampa, who can get to the truth.

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