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4 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating on You

Unfortunately, sometimes we fall in love with dishonest people. If you believe your spouse may be having an affair, it’s important to trust your intuition. If you detect the warning signs, take action and contact a Tampa spouse surveillance company. Our team of investigators provide moving and stationary surveillance services to help you find a cheating spouse in Tampa and collect evidence of your spouse’s infidelity. By confirming your suspicions, you can move on from your relationship while also seeking a favorable outcome in divorce court.

In this brief article, we will explain some of the primary indicators of whether or not your partner is having an affair.

Apathetic Attitude

If your spouse seems disinterested with many aspects of your relationship, this is a major indicator that they may be unfaithful. There are many ways that a spouse can showcase an apathetic attitude including:

  • Family: Your spouse is uninvolved in family activities. They lack interest in birthdays, holidays, going to church, or other family undertakings.
  • Laziness: Your partner is no longer doing things around the house or avoids going places with you.
  • No Feedback: Your spouse shows little interest in what’s going on in your life or seems like they are avoiding you, they may no longer be interested.
  • Lack of Sexual Activity: If your partner shows a lack of sexual interest in you or is no longer affectionate, they may be cheating.

Accessing Technology

Digital technologies provide many telltale signs of a cheating spouse. Is your partner accessing their phone or tablet more often than usual? Are they deleting their web history? Did they change their password on their phone or social media? If your spouse wants more privacy while they are on the phone or internet, or is defensive when you ask them questions, this is a sign that they may be unfaithful.

Physical Appearance

If your partner suddenly takes up a great deal of interest in improving their physical appearance, this can be another sign that they may be seeing someone else. Perhaps they are dressing much nicer than usual, working out frequently, or investing more time and effort into grooming or improving their physical appearance. A spouse who suddenly is obsessed with the way they look may be in the courtship phase of an extramarital relationship.

Routine Change

One of the primary indicators of a cheating spouse is that they have changed their daily routine. This can include everything from small scheduling changes for work to dramatic changes in their regular schedule. Are they spending more time with work friends? Working later at night? Are they not including you in a new hobby they have recently taken up? If you are curious about what they are doing when they’re away, it may be time to speak with one of our experienced investigators.

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