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A financial investigation can help you discover if you or your company has fallen victim to fraud or identity theft. At Darwin Securities, a private investigator in Tampa, our team of private investigators will collect the the facts of the case and begin from there. Next, we’ll observe the money trail and see where the money is coming from and going. Our private investigators will examine the necessary information to reveal any potential fraud, such as hidden assets and patterns that lead to asset transfers or offshore accounts.

White Collar Cases

White collar crimes are one of the more common cases that require financial investigations. We see everything from employee embezzlement and vendor fraud schemes to money laundering and corruption. Stocks and bonds, cashier’s checks, offshore accounts, and insurance properties are also common white collar cases. White collar crimes fall into the the corporate category of financial investigation. It is recommended that you hire a Tampa private investigator to run a financial investigation when dealing with: mergers and acquisitions, business and employee fraud, shareholder and partnership disputes, corporate internal investigations, and business interruption and property claims losses.

Personal Cases

Financial investigations are commonly utilized in more than just a corporate setting. In situations like mediation and arbitration, personal injury claims, motor vehicle accidents, and civil litigation cases, financial investigations are frequently used. Matrimonial cases also see their fair share of financial investigations, especially when dealing with divorce litigation, child support custody battles, income determination, and asset finding and tracing.

How to Find a Qualified Financial Investigator

When faced with a financial investigation, you want a Tampa private investigator that is committed to your best interest, a company that is experienced and knowledgeable. One of the more resourceful methods used to find a qualified private investigation company is by word of mouth. Ask your colleagues or fellow business owners if they’ve ever had a situation that called for an investigation, and who they hired.

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