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Why You Need Executive Protection in Orlando

Defend Against Insurance Fraud by Hiring a Private Investigator From Darwin Securities

Affluent celebrities, athletes, CEOs,  and government officials all have one thing in common: they have a target on their backs. Danger to these high-profile individuals can take many forms, including abduction, assault, and stalking. The very thing that makes these individuals stand out from the crowd also puts them in danger. 

At Darwin Securities, we offer our clients the chance to return to life minus the threat of harm or embarrassment. We do this by way of our executive protection services in Orlando. Whether you are on vacation with your family or are the CEO of a flourishing corporation in downtown Orlando, you stand to benefit from the privacy, security, and safety that our services can provide.

The Need for Executive Protection Services in Orlando

There’s nothing convenient about having your way of life threatened. These threats will not operate on your schedule. They will not announce themselves. They will not walk in through the front door. Facing a threat alone can make a person feel helpless, panicked, and paranoid. When your heart is racing and you’re not sure whom to trust, you can trust in Darwin Securities’ executive protection services in Orlando.

A Team of Trained Agents

At Darwin Securities, it’s our job to predict and mitigate threats before they negatively impact your life. By utilizing advanced technology, tried-and-true methods, and a team of trained professionals, we can provide you with the safe environment needed for you to conduct your business, stick to your schedule, and go about your day. We hold our executive protection agents to the highest standards. Comprised entirely of former military, police, and graduates of executive protection programs, our agents are trained in the following areas: 

  • Advance Planning
  • Cultural Etiquette and Corporate Conduct
  • CPR
  • Special Weapons Tactics and Equipment
  • Unarmed Compliance Techniques
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Counter Surveillance 
  • Protective Intelligence 
  • Security Driving 

Once you enlist our services, an agent will visit your home or business to perform a risk assessment. Protection services are tailored to our client’s needs, and, depending on our agent’s recommendations, you can be provided with on-site security, secure transportation, and a bodyguard.

Choose Our Executive Protection Services

There’s no such thing as a minor threat. A demanding email, a vague remark, even a stray glance could indicate a major threat to your life. The only way to ensure that you and your family are safe is to request executive protection in Orlando. When your way of life is on the line, consult with the professionals at Darwin Securities. 

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