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The Pros and Cons of Online Background Checks

You can never be absolutely certain that someone is who they say they are. Background checks help level the playing field by giving people access to important information about a person’s past, but not all background checks are made equally. Certainly, the internet is bursting with personal information and there’s plenty of valuable intelligence to be unearthed, but can you really rely on the information posted on the internet?

Unfortunately, we find that the answer is often “no.” The internet is a venerable treasure trove of information, but a lot of this information is outdated and false. If you want to perform a background check on someone you know, whether they are a new romantic interest, a potential hire, your child’s coach, or a recent acquaintance; there’s only one foolproof method of procuring a dependable background check — consulting a Tampa private investigator who is experienced conducting background checks in Florida’s third-most populous city.

The Pros

Anyone can perform a quick background check on the internet through searchable databases. Some of these services are free, and others cost money, but one thing is consistent: they’re simple to conduct and usually cost effective. Database searches are efficient and affordable and they can provide some valuable insights for people such as hiring managers who need to speed up the onboarding process. Additionally, online background checks benefit from a broad range of coverage. In other words, they can excavate information beyond the subject’s most recent address history. If you do your due diligence, you may be able to find online background checks that offer access to public records including drivers’ license records, credit history reports, and more.

The Cons

The greatest benefit of online background checks is their ability to turn out results quickly. Unfortunately, this strength can also be considered a weakness as many online background checks produce misleading or poorly explained information that fails to capably communicate the truth about the subject’s past. This can be detrimental in many cases; for example, if you need to perform a background check on a potential hire or renter, you could miss some important information. This could lead to a disastrous hire or a renter who is unqualified for your leasing agreement. When it comes to criminal background checks, the results of these online tests are often called into question. After all, criminal background database searches are not infallible since the data available is inherently limited by the jurisdictions that have and have not made their database available through a search query.

If you are in need of background checks in Tampa, a private investigator from Darwin Securities can assist you with procuring a detailed background check of whoever you request. Although these requests can’t be processed instantly, we can expedite the background check process to ensure that you receive the information you desire in a timely manner.

To learn more about background checks or to schedule a consultation with an experienced Tampa private investigator from Darwin Securities, please submit to our contact request form.