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Signs of an Online Affair Part 1

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram… the list goes on. There are many ways to connect online these days — for good and bad reasons. In fact, if you own a smartphone, there are numerous mobile apps at your fingertips that make falling into secret relationships easy.

At Darwin Securities, we specialize in a range of private investigative services. If you are concerned about whether your spouse is having an affair, you can always contact a private investigator to conduct an infidelity background search in Tampa, FL. In the meantime, read this two-part series to learn about some of the signs of an online affair. We will also briefly discuss signs that you may be involved in an online affair in part two of the article.

Their Passwords Are Top Secret

Obviously, passwords are supposed to be secret. However, a cheating spouse will go to great extents to keep their cell phone and email password and pin number protected. This includes ensuring that you won’t have access.

Secret Accounts

Transparency is important for many couples. Some couples even share a Facebook account. Sharing an account isn’t necessary, but most people expect to be able to connect as “friends” with their spouse on social media. If your spouse refuses to connect with you via friend request, has questionable connections, or has secret social media accounts, they might be up to no good.

Their Internet History is Nonexistent

One of the easiest ways to track online activity is by reviewing someone’s internet history. While it’s essential to clear internet history periodically to improve performance, a spouse that is obsessive about clearing history on a daily basis is suspicious. This shows that they are hiding something, which could be infidelity.

They Spend a lot of Time Online

Spending a lot of time online is becoming a universal problem. The average person has become addicted to social media in some shape or form. Additionally, some people are workaholics who are forever plugged into work. However, a spouse that is constantly engaging with someone online or can be found chatting on their computer in the wee hours of the night could be participating in an illicit online affair.

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