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Financial Investigations

Uncovering Hidden Assets

Financial Investigations with a Private Investigator

Property, insurance policies, brokerage accounts, and a number of different wealth sources and investments combined show the net worth of a business or individual. Unfortunately, sometimes when a person or business is facing impending domestic settlements, civil litigation, or when conducting white collar crimes like embezzlement or money laundering, these assets may be purposefully hidden. This is where a private investigator in Tampa can step in and conduct a financial investigation to uncover those hidden assets and ensure justice is served fairly to all parties.

At Darwin Securities, we provide financial investigations for a number of different purposes, including: Divorce Settlements, Child Support, Death of a Family Member, Personal Injury Lawsuits, Civil Litigation, Corporate Embezzlement, Employee Fraud, Shareholder Disputes, and Corporate Mergers.

How Financial Investigations are Conducted

A financial investigation is a very in-depth process that requires a Tampa private investigator with extensive knowledge and resources to produce results. Before a financial investigation officially gets under way, our team will gather the known facts from our clients, which provides a framework and starting point for the process. From this initial information, we are able to create a plan to follow the money trail and see where money is coming and going. Throughout the investigation, we gather a significant amount of data, then analyze the information to uncover assets hidden in property and investments, as well as look for unusual patterns that point to asset transfers or even offshore accounts.

The most common hidden assets include: Brokerage Accounts, Insurance Policies, Offshore Accounts, and Property.

Darwin Securities

At the close of every investigation, your Tampa private investigation team will supply you with a detailed analysis of our findings, which can be used during upcoming litigation or legal proceedings. At Darwin Securities, we are committed to our client’s best interest and will go above and beyond when conducting any investigation. Our team has been a proven name in Tampa Bay and we plan to stay that way for years to come.


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